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And patriarchy is one area where ‘using fire to fight fire’ does not work. In June 2018, the Indian social media saw a.

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From Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma, and from Priyanka Chopra to Dia Mirza, here are some of the women producers who are.

Lara, Anushka, Deepika.

beyond glamour, looks, style & poise.

have brilliantly fitted into the Bollywood.

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our Indian leaders look really bad” – real bad to whom? The underlying reality is that like all the Third World.

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Tamil Film Draupathi Promotes Casteism And Rape, Masked As Protection Of ‘OUR’ Women – These fake marriages leave the women involved homeless and helpless, only to be exploited for money and sex, or abandoned, or.

Talking about sex is a taboo in our society anyway.

Divyendu said: “In mainstream Bollywood, Ayushmann (Kurrana) is.

Source: India TV Half an hour into the film, I realised that this same-sex love story was all set to create ripples in.

Fact Check: Why do women live longer than men? sex chromosomes hold key – Now, new research has tested one of many hypothesis — that the real reason is related to the sex chromosomes — and it appears.